Article 2 grants broad authority to the Administration for determining the methods and means by which work is to be done. However,if you are hearing that your job is being reassigned, changed, relocated, etc. you have specific rights (by contract and by law) that provide you with representation and negotiation of certain changes to your working conditions.

Certainly, speak with your Steward at your workplace.  If you do not have a steward you can call any of us at NAGE with your concerns.  We’ll go over the situation with you and insure that you are being treated fairly and according to the terms and conditions of our Contract and Labor Laws.

Greg Sorozan, President (617) 376-7232

Bob Morrison, Executive Vice President, D.P.H./State Labs

Brian Osborne, Secretary Treasurer, D.M.H.

Chris Cook, Vice President, DCF N.E. Legal

Mary Judge, Vice President, DDS/C.O.

Jack Snow, National Representative, 617 376-7243

David Young, National Representative , 617 376-7226

AND, if you do not have a Local Steward, maybe this is a good time to volunteer to be one.  I’ve been appointing folks to take the places of Stewards who have left as a result of the ERIP.  If you don’t have anyone at your office and there are more than five Unit 6 members present, consider being a steward.  [Contact me at:  In the header write “Steward”.]    Stewards are volunteers who give of themselves to help their colleagues to understand their rights at work.  Sometimes that involves telling folks stuff they do not want to hear.  We call it the truth.   Most of the time Stewards help our members to understand why things may be permitted or how to grieve a wrongful action on the part of the administration.  Stewards are required to run any unknown questions by any of us (listed above) for guidance.  In this way, we communicate together for your benefit.  

I’m very proud of our track record of resolved cases, settlement agreements and “problems headed off at the pass.”