This section is about your survival when bad things happen to good people.

#1 It’s not your fault.  Its the world economic crisis, caused by you know who.  Revenue in Massachusetts has tanked due to insufficient taxation and revenue policies placing too much emphasis on the markets.

#2 NAGE has done everything in its power to prevent this from happening to you.  NAGE objects to the laying off of state workers.  We continue to advocate for other ways of saving money for the Commonwealth. 

#3 You deserve to have information and assistance in getting back on your feet.  This site will continue to add new content and resources to assist our members in their time of need.

#4 You have to keep up your fight.  Losing a job is traumatic.  Some people are more resilient than others.  Just keep in mind:  “Things will get better”. 

#5 NAGE Universal Recall Rights provide recall to ANY STATE AGENCY.  This is unique to SEIU/NAGE.  It is a very important benefit to all our members.