Indoor Air Quality Concerns

If you believe that you have health problems that may have been caused from your work’s (physical) environment NAGE recommends that you see a qualified physician who is familiar with indoor air quality related illnesses. You have the right to file an industrial accident claim with the Commonwealth, if you believe your illness is caused by or exacerbated by your work site exposure. And, if you have medical verification that your illness or condition is associated with indoor air quality related issues, you are best advised to obtain an attorney who specializes in Industrial Accident Claims litigation. NAGE will provide documentation in support of your case.

Please refer to Article 13.a of your Contract Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Discuss your concern with your nearest SEIU/NAGE Steward or give us a call.

For further information, resources or guidance, contact Greg Sorozan, President, SEIU/NAGE Local 282 (Unit 6 employees). (617) 376-7232.