Robert Morrison, Executive Vice President (Appointed):  Bob works as a Program Coordinator of the Vaccination Program at the Mass Hospital School, Department of Public Health.  Bob is well known as a very knowledgable and fair minded person who brings these qualities to his representation of Contract matters with our Membership. He helps to make things work! Bob has over 8 years of experience as a steward.

Christopher Cook, Vice President (Appointed):  Chris works as Counsel II for Department of Children & Families.  He is a real advocate for justice in the workplace.  Chris has been a NAGE Steward for about 2 years.

Brian Osborne, Secretary/Treasurer (Appointed):  Brian works for the Department of Mental Health where is Business Manager for the Solomon Carter Fuller Center.  Brian has been a steward for NAGE for well over 10 years.

Mary Judge, Vice President (Appointed):  Mary has been a steward for NAGE at the Department of Developmental Services, Central Office, for about 8 years where she has represented the Membership in varying capacities through her tenure. She is a strong supporter of NAGE and NAGE efforts in promoting the value of members.

Richard Waring, NAGE Attorney:  Richard comes out of the Board of Registration in Medicine. He works full time at NAGE mostly representing Unit 6 employees in grievances that go to arbitration (step 4).  Richard advises the President and our Executive Board.  


Gregory (Greg) Sorozan, President

Greg has been a state employee for 40 years and has worked for the Department of Social Services. He has been a steward for SEIU Local 509 when he was a social worker. When he was promoted into the Central Office of DSS, Greg became a steward and then Executive Board Member for this Local. Since becoming President, Greg has more than tripled the number of stewards and contact people for representing members. Communication vehicles such as newsletters, stewards newsletters, email “push list”, enhanced website have all been instituted. Additionally, he has moved this local union to be proactive (and not only reactive) by developing Labor/Management Subcommittees (See Article 25 of CBA) in many of the Departments represented by this local. Greg currently is serving as Co-State Coordinator, along with Professor David Yamada, for the Healthy Workplace Bill (House Bill 1766), because of his abiding interest in Workplace Bullying. This is done on his own time, but for our membership and for the union as a whole.

Jack Snow, NAGE National Representative:  Jack comes to us from the private sector (Verizon) where he has worked as steward.  He now brings his talents to our Local Union.

David Young, NAGE National Representative:  David has decided to bring his wealth of experience representing the Commonwealth Administrations as a Deputy Commissioner, Director of Labor Relations and Labor Relations Advisor  to this Local Union.